of light & shadows

of light & shadows

seen it nigh
entertaining sweet lie
a bolt of daylight thunder
deafens me with its sonic plunder

cast scorched ashes under a tree
rooted in a dreary Sahara sea
smearing mirages, so savage
a phantom in the shine

parley in the cardinal ravine
pleading for clemency, a glib sign
and, face the karmic spill
stomach its bitter pill

encased in frigid cold
body weakling, sprite crusted
a life bereft of breath
nightmare of the walking dead

sunder the cords of withering bound
Kama, in refuge, drowned
in Rati’s crusade for adultery so rave
poison-laced, I’ll swallow the dark elixir

Inspired by Snow Brigade by Mew
I’ll find you somewhere
Show you how much I care
We all know one day you’ll leave behind
Your everything 

Loss or major life changes trigger the five stages of grieving, which is akin to changing seasons. Do remind yourself that these stages aren’t necessarily in order and people experience them differently.

Denial is like winter, where everything seems frozen and we can’t quite accept that the world has changed. Anger is like spring, when emotions are thawing and volatile, like a thunderstorm. 

Bargaining is like summer, where we try to find the sunshine by making deals and promises, hoping for a brighter outcome. Depression is like autumn, when the leaves fall and we feel sadness in the face of our loss. 

Finally, acceptance is the return of winter, when we come to terms with our new reality, and despite the cold, we learn to appreciate the beauty in the cycle of life.

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