Savant, exhaling calamity,
tragic heroes akin comics’ own
dark void inhaling light,
inevitable, interstellar critical

“Destination Unknown”
gentleheart ’23

Lucid dreams hold the power
unveiling memories once lost in a mental bower
vivid dreams bear the might
reviving dormant passions, setting them ablaze

“Kaleidoscopic Curse”
gentleheart ’23

blindfolded three-heart Monte
cherry picking the victor devoid of light
tug of war between two Jacks
shuffled with an indecisive Queen of Heart

“Three-heart Monte”
gentleheart ’22

Before dawn
I’ll paint a depleted bust
heartless face and faceless heart
the ultimate Machiavellian masterstroke
feeding Kakia and starving Eros

gentleheart ’22

I have an issue
driving me cuckoo at night
from malicious rendezvous
hiding in plain sight

“The Issue Remains”
gentleheart ’22

Money, money, money
this bumblebee is no way stingy
Honey, honey, honey
never be the apiary honeycombed with misery
for you’re our Queen Bee

“Busy Bee”
gentleheart ’22

For spacetime
astral symphonies divine
Yet trivial silence
speak volumes
of your defiance

gentleheart ’22

Look love, deeper
Scars we bear not at all stripes
Surviving each other
Hope love, sincerely
For the nectar of sweet karma
Blooms on pain and beauty

“Dear (((Future))) Wife”
gentleheart ’22

Is it you? Is it you?
The champion of ambiguity
Covertly waging a mutiny
Masquerading hate as fate

Game of Blame
gentleheart ’22

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