SPRITES #1: Dentum dan Serpih

Ridwan Rudianto | SPRITES Moment #1: Dentum & Serpih

Ridwan Rudianto

Don’t let Ridwan’s sweet surrender smile fool you, cause he is a visual samurai at heart and master editor by trade. His moving pictures are calmly composed with sophisticated editing control,┬ácontrasting colors, and simplified figurations unleashing playful possibilities.

Director and editor of many music video clips, Ridwan engages SPRITES by presenting his multicultural perspective and upbringing – in bits and pieces – allowing us to better understand the subtle rhythm of water.

And here is the review by Wayan Juniarta in the June 18, 2015 volume of Bali Buzz. Big up Bali Buzz for the support!

SPRITES #1 Dentum & Serpih
SPRITES #1 Dentum & Serpih

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