Grace in a Minor Key #1

Deep down inside, there is a soft spot in all of us, uttering a gentle constant sadness – I don’t want to be lonely, I just want to be alone.

Grace in a Minor Key #1
Grace in a Minor Key #1

(12 Songs, 57:47 minutes, 53 MB)

Artist / Title / Album

1. Helene / Where Do You Go To When You Disappear / Postcard

Everything beautiful is infectiously vulnerable…

2. The Cinematic Orchestra / Musik Box / Ma Fleur

Love should be the seed of blossoming flowers comforting oneself in this vacant dispirited monochromatic pathway of life.

3. Barbara Morgenstern / The Grass Is Always Greener / The Grass Is Always Greener

I am rendered speechless by Morgenstern awe-inspiring, beautiful and swiftly rhyming melodic senses. I’m at ease: embracing whatever the day brings…

4. Telefon Tel Aviv / Fahrenheit Fair Enough / Hefty 10 Digest – Prefuse 73 Mixtape

A kaleidoscope of melancholic clicks and pops caressing your taste bud bittersweet.

5. Henrik Schwarz / Labelle (Guem et Zaka) / Rewind! 5

… yet another uplifting and gregarious groove to feed the heart from the master inspirator.

6. Trueby Trio / Lover Uncovered feat. Marcus Begg (Yam Who Rework ) / Elevator Music

Embark on a sparkling journey of jazz with vocals embodying the truth…

7. The Whitest Boy Alive / Figures / Dreams

Even though abandoning all programming and most other forms of synthetic instrumentation, the Whitest Boy Alive is still fashionable, excellent, and damn pleasing.

8. Jazzanova / Glow & Glare / In Between

A Jazzanova gem, as always most of the time, pure jazz-electro-eclectic spiritual joy.

9. Phil Mison / Lula / Café Del Mar The Best Of Compiled By José Padilla (Disc 1)

Mason moves me into a delightful journey of moody ambient soundscape seamlessly.

10. Saint Etienne / Time And Tide / Soft Like Me (CD 1)

Deep dubby club beats layered with light melodies beneath Sarah Cracknell’s sultry voice. Luscious.

11. Antipop Consortium / Real Is Surreal / Antipop VS. Matthew Shipp

Distorted, disturbing yet inventive from the realms of underground “to the bone” hip hop and ultra funk IDM.

12. !!! (Chk Chk Chk) / Take Ecstasy With Me / Take Ecstasy With Me

Love is in the air. Would you mind swallowing a wholesome of happiness with me???

Click the link below to listen the mix. Enjoy!

Grace in a Minor Key #1 (Continuous Mix) – Various Artists


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