Centhini Beats

Nearing the opening night of Fashion Tendance 10, (Saturday, 3 October  2009 at The Laguna Resort & Spa, Nusa Dua, Bali) a dear friend Ayip (Graphic Designer) came to me, asked me to create a musical mix for his collaboration with Dewi Suarjani (Fashion Designer) that shall be played at their exhibition booth. His request was simple, create a DJ mix for an hour or so based on the theme of Centhini; one of the most revered classical Javanese literature.

He also sent me this:

Miss Centhini
Miss Centhini by Ayip and Dewi Suarjani  for Fashion Tendance 10

and this:

Miss Centhini Patterns
Miss Centhini Patterns

I had to do something quick, so I checked my record box, randomly picking up tracks, and mixed straight on. Nothing fancy, just a mix I would groove to based on the colors of the above pictures. I do believe I have the tracklist somewhere, will update soon.

In the meantime, welcome Centhini Beats, do enjoy!

Centhini Beats (DJ Mix) – Various Artists


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